For Business

Not infrequently, CEOs are faced with business strategy or human capital problems that cannot be discussed within the company. Dr. Bonner works as an advisor to upper management on sensitive issues.

Management Consulting

As a management consultant Dr. Bonner performs two primary roles: one is to act as a sounding board and advisor to the CEO and Senior Management of a company, the second is to help organizations improve their performance. In the latter, there is a focus on analysis of existing organizational achievements and challenges, and the development of a plan for improvement.

In acting as an advisor to the Senior Management of a company Dr. Bonner provides targeted psychological advice. There are many advantages to having the ability to discuss corporate problems with an outside psychological advisor: the most sensitive decisions are often of the highest impact. A genuine broad-minded approach has to include explorations of inadvertent missteps and misguided assumptions—not a subject that a top executive can, or should, raise within the ranks. The decisions remain the domain of the CEO; the approach becomes nuanced, and the outcome—more in keeping with the company’s goals. Various other tasks lend themselves to tailor-made psychological approaches that maintain the integrity of the organization and the authority of leadership, while promoting creativity and innovation. All conversations with Dr. Bonner are held in strict confidence.


Psychological profiling at a distance can fine-tune negotiating positions in mergers and acquisitions, recruitment, obtaining high-value clients, brokering product distribution, to name just a few areas. Discreetly developing a strategy that promotes a desired outcome is a process that involves strategizing on multiple levels. Dr. Bonner assists with the psychological aspect of structuring negotiations by creating informed and intelligent approaches, which factor in the psychological complexities on both sides.