There are times when the best way to solve a relationship problem is through an individual psychological consultation.

In Silicon Valley it is not uncommon to have families in which there is a significant cultural, financial, and educational dissonance between generations. Similar tensions can exist in business ventures, though they usually manifest themselves in more muted ways.

We each bring our hopes, expectations, fears, and anxieties to relationships. At times they obscure the reality of what’s going on between people, and can propel a healthy relationship into a fractured standstill. This can be true of marriages, friendships, business partnerships, even relationships between family members of different generations. There can be additional cultural, ethnic, and language misattunements, as well as interferences from memories of past hurts. Dr. Bonner specializes in helping patients separate out their own contributions to relationship tensions, which allows them to approach the conflict from a new vantage point of promoting (or resurrecting) mutual respect.

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