Psychopharmacology/Medication Management

Medications can be indicated for a number of psychological conditions, and it is crucial to make informed choices. Dr. Bonner gets to know her patients before suggesting a medication regimen, and follows them closely throughout the course of treatment.

Exciting Advances in Medicine

Over the past decade there have been many exciting advances in the field of pharmaceuticals for mental health conditions. These new therapies provide relief for patients who could not get better with older medications. As a result of these new discoveries, there is an exploding number of possible combinations of drugs that can be prescribed. There is also an increasing array of combinations that do not work well, or potentiate side effects. Some medicines work better for certain patients, but may not be as effective when prescribed to others. It is very important for a patient who is taking medications to be monitored by a psychiatrist who has experience and expertise in medication management.

Some patients are opposed to the use of psychotropic medications, whether or not they are indicated. I often work with people in that situation to provide a safe and collaborative environment in which options for various treatment modalities remain open.

Please contact Dr. Bonner by phone (650) 323-1851 or email her if you would like to set an appointment to discuss prescription management.