Depression Treatment

Depression has many guises, but in all its manifestations it is a life-altering condition. One needn’t worry whether it is “biochemical” or not, it hurts all the same.

Depression can be mild or severe, related to bereavement or relationship strain; sometimes it seems to be related to nothing at all. And yet it can color every moment of the day, bringing apathy, anger, sadness, listlessness, hopelessness and confusion to all aspects of life. Though excellent treatments do exist, depression needs to be taken extremely seriously and approached in a manner that does justice to its complicated presentation.

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms include constant feelings of sadness, loneliness, loss of hope, feelings of worthlessness, withdrawal from friends and family,.. the list goes on. There are also physical symptoms: gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, body aches, loss of energy, weight and sleep alterations. Unfortunately, all these changes often lead to hopelessness, so a person does not seek treatment, believing that nothing and no one will help. Suicidal thoughts can emerge, and make this condition a true medical emergency.

Treatments for Depression

Despite the seriousness of this condition, it responds to treatment in the vast majority of situations. In the past ten years there have been very effective breakthroughs in treating depression. Research continues all the time, and new approaches promise results that have been difficult to obtain years ago. Each person requires an individualized approach, and both therapy and medications can be used to craft an effective treatment. If you or someone you know needs help with depression, please contact Dr. Bonner by phone at (650) 323-1851 or by email. See below for some additional depression resources.