For Patients

Many people suffer for years without seeking help. It is very important to find a collaborative, reliable treatment setting that can promote lasting results.

Helping Patients

Psychological stress and mental illness can be very painful. Yet both remain under-diagnosed and under-treated. Many people go for months, years or even their entire lives without getting help. Sometimes patients do reach out, but find that it is difficult to find a setting in which they feel attended to in a focused and individualized way.

Dr. Bonner is trained and experienced in both therapy and medication management, and she evaluates each person’s situation to recommend a tailor-made approach to treatment.

Dr. Bonner sees patients from Menlo Park and throughout Silicon Valley. She can be reached at (650) 323-1851 or email to set up an appointment.

Modalities of Treatment Offered

Dr. Bonner helps her patients using a variety of means including psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and medications. In addition, she provides parenting and relationship therapies for specific, focused situations. Dr. Bonner strongly believes in the therapeutic value of the doctor-patient relationship, genuine collaboration, and non-judgmental approach.

Disorders Treated

In popular media, there is often a hunt for labels for psychological conditions. However, patients often experience symptoms that come from more than one diagnostic category, so attaching labels turns out to be of limited use. It also tends to happen that most symptoms are specific to each individual and will manifest themselves in unique ways for any given patient. With that in mind, it is possible to mention some broad diagnostic categories with which people often come to treatment, without suggesting that they are all-encompassing.