Work Stress Management

Menlo Park has some of the most exciting businesses in the world. Working in these companies can be fulfilling, but the pace of these exhilarating jobs can sometimes create inordinate stress, often in very talented and functional people.

The pressures of working in Silicon Valley can take its toll not only on the professionals themselves, but also on their spouses/partners and children. The demands of work can overwhelm the most disciplined and industrious person. Dr. Bonner helps her patients find ways to approach these pressures in a way that promotes healthy and sustainable change. Call (650) 323-1851 or email to make an appointment.

Symptoms of Stress

Everyone has some degree of stress in his or her life--stress can be helpful in that it keeps us motivated and fuels our drive for success. When stress becomes disproportionate, however, it can cause challenges in all aspects of our lives, including mental health, physical health and our relationships with other people. Stress can lead to many kinds of symptoms: depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, withdrawal from relationships, lack of motivation and irritability. It often interferes with memory and concentration, which generates additional anxiety and compounds the problem. Not uncommonly, work relationships get strained, and an unhelpful cycle of misunderstandings sets in and complicates the workplace environment.

Causes of Workplace Stress

Research has demonstrated that there are six main factors that cause of stress in the workplace. These include the individual’s role in the company, the demands placed on the individual, the amount of support the individual has from coworkers, the amount of control the worker has over the way the work is performed, the relationships they have with other coworkers and the frequency/types of changes within their work environment. There are also factors that can influence what situations one may find stressful, including culture and background, experience and skills, personality, health and other personal characteristics.

Treatment for Stress

Work-related stress manifests differently in everyone, and the approach to treatment is highly individualized. If you think that you are suffering from work related stress, please contact Dr. Bonner by email or by phone at (650) 323-1851 to schedule an appointment.