About Svetlana Bonner M.D.

  • In private practice of psychiatry/psychoanalysis since 1999
  • Psychotherapy supervision/consultation to mental health practitioners
  • Diagnostic/medication consultations for patients and physicians in other specialties
  • Excellent medication manager - started medical career in anesthesiology

Postgraduate Training

  • Residency (Psychiatry): Oregon Health Sciences University
  • Residency (Anesthesiology): Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Psychoanalytic training: San Francisco Psychoanalytic/Oregon Psychoanalytic Institutes

Academic Positions

  • Faculty, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute


  • English
  • Russian

Dr. Svetlana Bonner

Dr. Bonner graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and has been in private practice since 1989. She started as an anesthesiologist/critical care specialist and later moved into psychiatry. Being trained in both specialties provides her with with a unique set of skills, which is unusual in the field. Dr. Bonner is known for her ability to treat people who have not otherwise been able to find relief. She also consults with parents of adolescents, coaching them on the parenting styles that foster better relationships within the family. She counsels executives and professionals regarding management skills and conflict resolution. Dr. Bonner is a psychotherapist/psychoanalyst, and practices in a contemporary holistic way that focuses on the person, rather than the diagnosis. Dr. Bonner's perspective has led her to become a specialist in several areas including:

  • Anxietydepressionbipolar illness, and personality disorders.
  • Adjustment to life cycle events, relationship difficulties.
  • Success-focused business management and conflict resolution.
  • Cultural adjustment and integration.
  • Parenting of adolescents.
  • Professional writing.


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