Helping People

Mental health issues can cause serious pain. Many people go for months, years and entire lifetimes suffering needlessly from anxiety, depression, borderline personality and other forms of psychiatric problems.

Many Forms of Treatment

As an experienced psychiatrist, Dr. Bonner has helped thousands of people with many types of mental illness. Today there are many treatment options available, bringing hope to patients who have been previously unable to find relief. Diagnosing and treating patients has become more effective because of advances in technology and the increase in data that has been gathered about what kinds of treatments work on which patients.

Dr. Bonner has an unusual skill set for caring for patients. As a trained medical doctor, she can diagnose illness and recommend treatment--including medications. In addition, as a former anesthesiologist, Dr. Bonner is an expert at psychopharmacology and medicine management. She also specializes in psychoanalysis. If you or a loved on is suffering from a mental illness, please contact Dr. Bonner.

Additional Information About Mental Illnesses Treated By Dr. Bonner

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • ADHD